What Self Hate Does…

First of all let me say this, I hate myself but not for the reasons I’m about to write, I’m okay with who I am. No, this post is about mass shooter Omar Mateen and his hate for himself. It has come out that he was known to have frequented the Pulse nightclub quite often and he also had used an app to meet guys online. I’m sure he hated himself for liking men and he just couldn’t believe that he, a proud Muslim, could like what he liked. 

What a better way to hide your proclivities and desires than to be shocked and horrified to see two men kissing in public. I’m sure it played well to his dad who openly has said, “God will take care of the gays.” I wonder what would have happened had he told his father of his likes? It probably wouldn’t have gone over well…

I haven’t a clue what the epithet for gay in Arabic is but I’m sure he didn’t want to hear dear old dad call him one. They say Mr. Mateen was an angry man who hated gays but in the end, the one he couldn’t stand was himself… This too will pass

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