16:85… Are They Serious?

My latest promise to myself is to cut down on the carbs. I’ve actually lost some weight doing my firewood yoga in the morning. So I said to myself, “Less carbs won’t kill me and who knows, it might prevent me from keeling over.” This evening as I sat in my truck, I thought, “What’s it going to be for dinner?” I knew what I had to do, drive to Whole Foods and pay their outrageous price for stuff on their steam tray… 

I made the usual circle and noticed most everything they were offering was pasta, rice or potatoes. “Well that’s not going to help. I guess I’ll eat a salad.” After picking thru their offerings, I headed to the checkout cue… The over-worked cashier didn’t even look up and said, “You want tape on the box?” I replied, “I’ll eat it here.” That’s when she said, “That’ll be 16:85.”

What was I going to do? Say no thanks and walk out? I reached for my wallet. What did I get for 16:85 you ask? Some lettuce, tiny tomatoes, green peas and chick-peas. I could have gone to a sit down restaurant and probably had a better salad for 16:85. Oh well, scratch Whole Foods off my list… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “16:85… Are They Serious?

  1. I have been to places where you pay by the pound but I learned which things weigh more. I stopped adding meat or eggs and added lighter ingredients. Sorry you had a bad experience because I do like Whole Foods. I like things like quinoa and making it into a salad with a can of Tri color beans or adding sliced radishes and cucumbers. One dollar for cucumber and possibly a bunch of radishes for $1.50. 🙂

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