Making Your Numbers…

The bean counters are at it again at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company. First, let me take you back to when they first showed up with their Draconian set of expectations to measure our efficiency; think about this, we were being measured on how long we idled our trucks and on how many times we circled the block to find a parking place…

At one point it got so out of control that it was as if we were modern day pencil gladiators. Of course cheating behavior followed and all the time managers looked the other way. Numbers were constantly fudged and lower management was complicit because none of them wanted to be on the bottom of their charts.

Yesterday, I was presented with last month’s numbers and for the second year running I have failed once again. It couldn’t be that I work nights and things are more difficult at night. It couldn’t be that the computer gives me a job at a bank at 6pm and chances are might be closed. No, my dispatch efficiency rate (jobs completed) is low. 

Being that my numbers were low, I was told to watch a video how to improve my numbers. I watched a minute of it and turned it off. A video featuring a young guy, trying to get into management, telling me how to improve my numbers well I wasn’t going to stand for it. I walked into my supervisor’s office and said, “I’ve been doing this for 35 years and I’m going to continue to do what I do.” He didn’t care, he knew this is just another way of putting the whip to us… This too will pass

10 thoughts on “Making Your Numbers…

  1. Here is another indication that there is something wrong with American capitalism. It used to be that employees and customers came first, now employees and customers be damned, its all about profits and shareholders. Hang in there Juan.

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  2. I’m glad I’m not at the world’s largest electric & gas utility anymore lol. I was an employee for 30 years and enjoyed that family feeling even from such a huge company. It changed at the end for the last maybe 5-6 years before I left.

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