I Nominate…

The 2016 Award for Best Dad goes to Chris Guerra. I told him three things to being a great dad: do the exact opposite of what I did, never just throw money at Hunter and be a take charge guy even if you’re scared. He took my advice and that’s why he gets my vote. 

Chris turned out to be a loving father who’s caring and is doing the best he can in a one bedroom apartment. He works all night and then comes home and helps Eleina. They have no one to baby sit for them so they are in baby care mode 24/7. 

If I had been somewhat awake when I when I was raising my sons maybe things might have been different or maybe they are what they are. They say on your deathbed no one ever says, “I wish I had spent more time at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company.” I am proud of Chris because he broke the mold that my father had taught me… This too will pass

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