What a Loss…

The mighty Golden State Warriors lost the big one last night so today the team will have to clean out their lockers, pile into their Bentleys and retire to their mansions. The emotional pain they must be enduring is great, maybe later they’ll somehow drag themselves to Las Vegas where they will be comp’d a stack of 1000 dollar chips and be treated to fine wines and spirits by hotel management. 

Meanwhile, a die hard fan is putting his official overpriced Warriors Blanket back in the closet until next year and in about 28 days the Visa bill will be arriving in the mail. Don’t worry about him for just as the NBA 2017 Season starts again, he’ll be close to paying off his Warriors Blanket purchase. 

Others were affected by last night’s loss, in the bowels of Oracle Arena in Oakland, the minimum wage front end workers will be getting their separation checks and warm goodbyes. The human resources team will also be required to hand out the unemployment paperwork along with promises of an even better season next year. This too will pass

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