Following Me..?

After finishing my first job of the day, I drove across town to a totally different area near Lake Merritt. I had a quick burger and noticed a bird similar to the one I posted earlier. He kept staring at me with his red eyes as if to say, “Hey, that cheeseburger looks good. I wouldn’t say no to a taste!” I replied, “I saw your cousin in Chinatown an hour ago, he said hi. Sure why not!” 
I ripped off a piece and threw it towards him and suddenly more of his family showed up. The smaller pigeons clamored over but these bigger birds weren’t about to share their meal. “Okay I fed you, stand still for a camera shoot. I didn’t mean shoot. Sorry. Just stand still.” He actually did as if to say, “It’s the least I can do.” He and his buddies then flew towards the lake and on to better fishing. This too will pass

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