Sonoma Sizzle…

I got up at the first light of day and pulled Toonce off my shoulder. “Toonce I need to go down the hill and lump those logs up the hill before the sun rises!” Toonce meowed, “Why? I just got comfortable.” He jumped down and grabbed a few bites of cat crunchies before following me down the hill. As of yet, I have only seen one black scorpion in my recent days on the hill but still I put on my pair of leather gauntlets anyway. 

After about ten round trips up and down the steep hill carrying four foot long logs, I said, “That’s it for me buddy. Let’s get you some delicious and nutritious cat yums.” Just then the sun appeared over the hill and shortly thereafter the temperature hit 75 degrees. I’m a heat lightweight, I’m milk chocolate, I melt in the heat. Toonce and I headed back up the hill and I made good on my promise of giving him cat yums.

The West Coast is under a heat advisory and I intend on staying cool somehow. My company truck is one of the older models and it only blows hot air. I do have two sixty air-conditioning, two windows at 60 miles per hour. This too will pass

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