Toonce C. Booncie…

I really didn’t know why he was meowing a lot this morning. He woke up very meowy and even after giving him a can of yums, he just wouldn’t stop meowing. As soon as it was light out we walked down the hill to where I’m clearing the dead trees out and he again kept meowing. I turned and said, “What is it? Do you want me to carry you?” 
As I look a break from carrying the cut logs up the hill, he just continued to meow… “What is it? Please, I do anything you want but stop meowing!” At the end of my little firewood workout, I picked him up and carried him up the hill to the RV… Finally I opened the bathroom door and Toonce jumped up on the sink and motioned, “Hey I’m thirsty. Turn on the faucet please.” I did and he didn’t meow one meow the rest of the day. This too will pass

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