Heavens to Murgatroid…

Wasn’t that a mountain lion that used to say the above phrase? Toonce has been on edge the last couple of days since the night wanderer has been passing thru. Lynnette from The Lyon Ranch next door says mountain lions have a hundred square mile route they take and I guess he’s here until he decides to move on. Yes, it’s a male, she’s a wildlife expert and she’s knowledgeable on his habits and life.

The other night the lion made dinner out of a baby deer and from the high pitch death cry, death came quick… That night, Toonce was insistent on coming in. I opened the door and every hair on his back was up. “What did you see out there Mr. Toonce?” He jumped up on the bed and looked out into the darkness. 

At exactly 12am, as I’m about to fall asleep I hear running and something running close behind. That’s when I heard the yelp of pain. I quietly said, “Stay here. I’m going to go check it out.” I got to the door and then said to myself, “You’re a moron. That’s a good idea, disturb a feasting wild animal.” I laid back down… The above photo put a chill in me and momentarily I stopped and looked around. This too will pass

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