Manhole Time…

Ed called me and said, “Juani (he calls me that) Can you come over and pump out my hole? I have a bad doubler and I need to get this T-1 working. Wells Fargo’s ATM’s have been down all day.” I headed for the corner of College and Ashby thru rush hour traffic.
Poor Ed was having a panic attack and looked as if he had been hit by a train. “What’s up Ed?” I asked. He replied, “This is the first panic attack I’ve had in months and I don’t know what brought it on.” I’ve never had a panic attack but from what I’ve seen, they sound bad…

We’ve decided this is the last job of the day and we’ll stretch it out until quoting time. I’m tired and I’m not getting any younger. It was boiling hot today and Ed and I are light weights when it comes to working in the heat. This too will pass

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