Yesterday, I happened to see a bumper sticker that read, “Buy Heisenberg Blue.” After watching the first four seasons of Breaking Bad I chuckled; Heisenberg being drug cooker’s alias name. I thought to myself, “Of all the things to put on your bumper.” Now with the probable cause laws relaxed by the courts, now a police  can pull you over for a tail light infraction and end up searching your car.

The drug business isn’t funny in anyway, shape or form. Just ask my Tio (Uncle) Marco, twenty-five years ago his oldest son was gun downed in Mexico City by unknown assassins and though it never was officially deemed a drug involved murder, it was. My cousin wore expensive cloths and had thousands of pesos on him when he was murdered. 

My father was born and raised in Michocan and till his dying breath hated drugs and the narco traffickers. He even had delusions that I used and sold drugs. I never did. If my father had known what Matt had been doing, he would have shunned him and told me I was a worthless father. 

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