My Grandfather…

My grandfather was born in a small town outside of Morelia in the State of Michoacan and without a doubt he was a tough rancher. In 1999, my father and I, visited my father’s little town. We met relatives who were well off farmers and we were treated like Royal family. I find it interesting how farmers can afford expensive cars and live in palaces? I guess the farming business is doing quite well in Michoacan lately.  As I was saying, my grandfather was one tough man for even after a stroke paralyzed half his body, he was able to get up on his horse and ride off to see his second family in the next town.

One day, three rogue soldiers came to his hacienda and tried pillage and rape the women of the ranch. Celestino’s hired hands overpowered all three men and grandpa gave each of the soldiers a coup de grace to the head. The bodies were then dumped in an abandoned mineshaft and their horses slaughtered and fed to the pigs. Life was tough back then and I suppose my father saw what had transpired though he was the youngest of Celestino’s children.

The problem with The Guerra’s is we tend to seek revenge for perceived wrongs. Evidentially, Celestine sought out the guy who had sent those three doomed men to his ranch that day and, as the story goes, that man disappeared and was never seen again. I can only imagine how my grandfather had felt knowing that man had sent those bad guys to his ranch… this too will pass

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