Newark New Jersey…

I invited Tashi to fly back East to see Baby Hunter and family. Aunt Tashi is a great daughter and she’s a nice person too. I’m not just saying that because I’m her dad, it’s true. As a treat, we are flying business class on the red eye on the 29th of July and return tot he best coast on the 5th of August. 
Delta flight 2521 will wisk us to JFK and then we’ll pick up a car and make our way to the armpit of New Jersey. It will probably be in the low millions with 100 percent humidity but we’ll make the best of it. Tashi deserves some fun, she’s getting closer to getting her degree in screenwriting and I’m proud of her. Only a moron would think a degree in screenwriting isn’t a good thing to have in her resume. 

Tashi wants to be an aunt and bond with Hunter and Chris wants the two of us to head there. How Chris has changed for the best. This too will pass but hopefully not for a long time…

5 thoughts on “Newark New Jersey…

  1. Don’t worry my friend, you guys will have a great flight on the 29th of July. Also, your daughter will do great things with a degree in screenwriting. She will be able to influence others and change the world with her writing. Tell her that she has done an excellent job and good luck.

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