3:01am Without Fail…

Toonce usually wakes up at this early hour and demands to either be let out or be fed, this morning was no different. The camel had just advised me not to take any of the money the ATM had spewed out and I hear Toonce scratching at the door. He was getting more persistent with every claw drag on my shredded screen RV door. I softly yelled out, “Okay! I hear you! Can you wait a few seconds more?”

He meowed, “When a cat’s got to go, he’s got to go!” I stood at the door while he went. “Okay. Come back in Mr. Toonce, that mountain lion might be out there still!” Of course he took his time but with one hop he was back inside and hungry. “Oh you want some yums huh?” He meowed, “I’m standing near my bowls. What do you think?” I opened a can and plopped it in his bowl. “There ya go. Now I’m laying down. I’m tired.”

No sooner as I had gotten comfortable I hear, “Meow.” I called out, “Please. Have you no mercy? I’ll get up but this is the last time.” It wasn’t the last time… No, last night was a night which could try a man’s love for his cat. Note to self: look into buying a cat door… This too will pass

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