Money Woes for You and Me…

My stocks have taken a tumble after the vote on the other side of the pond to leave the European Union. Most of the uninformed British voters thought leaving the EU would prevent terrorists from entering their country as has happened in France lately, little did they know that leaving the EU would cause a major upset in their economy. The Pound has fallen over the last few days and if you have any investments associated with Royal British Empire, well you’re screwed for a while. Friday’s fall here of 610 points was pretty serious and today’s continued downward plunge of 242 point doesn’t sound good.

It sounds foolish but I put a lot of money in oil company stock and right now it’s barely floating but there are two things people need and that’s H2O and C8H18 for their cars. Financially well off people have gone out and bought Teslas and other electric cars but for the most part these cars have been priced out of the range of a middle-class household, as if there is a middle-class. The day when gas goes for 50 cents and they give Blue Chip Stamps again if you fill up your tank, then and only then will I worry about my stock picks. In a few minutes Rob and I will drive 45 miles thru heavy mid-day California traffic to work. People in California won’t give up their cars as much as environmentalists want us to.

Finally closer to home, The World’s Biggest Telecommunications Company is about to offer 500,000 megs on two pairs of wires in California. Think about that number, a half a million bits of information on copper. For quite some time management has been telling us that a few fiber strands can do the work of thousands of pairs of wires. Sure they are placing fiber everywhere to keep up with Google’s attempt to takeover the data market but it looks like copper will be around for a while. So you might be asking how The EU, the price of gas and data relates together? The State of California is ranked 8th in the world’s economy and England is holding at number 4. Who knows where we’ll be when this whole EU thing shakes out? Long live copper, my old company truck’s need for petrol and long live The Queen! This too will pass



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