Sonoma played host to NASCAR racing at Infinion Raceway this past weekend. It came the usual gridlock traffic that comes with 70,000 racing fans showing up. It was reported in The Press Democrat that two men were arrested after they had had too many beers. Well having a few too many beers isn’t against the law, I know. The problem was, they both happened to get into two separate accidents on raceway property. One guy managed to smash into an utility pole with his personal golf cart and the other dingus drove his pickup over an embankment and into a picnic area but wait there’s more..

Some of the thousands of motor homes were proudly flying racing team flags of all sorts. Nothing says loyalty like flying your team’s  proud colors, three beer filled men didn’t like the colors one RV was flying. They confronted the owner and it was on, seems the man they confronted was a former SEAL who  really enjoyed fighting. The trio found themselves on the short end of the stick and on the ground… Arrests were made and bail was set.

On Saturday evening, I walked into my usual Quikie Mart at the bottom of the hill to pick up my tub of cottage cheese when a group of drunk racing fans came in the store. They made their way to the beer display and grabbed as many cases as they could carry. They had driven a good five miles from the raceway to get to the store and guess what the four of them forgot to bring? Their wallets and purses, they had no money to their names. Morons… This too will pass

6 thoughts on “Morons…

  1. These are the morons that give NASCAR fans a bad name. I’ve been to a few races where there were guys in the parking lot so drunk before the race that they couldn’t stand up to even walk into the event. Then there was another time when I was meeting some friends up on the hillside at Phoenix International Raceway and there was a woman laying in the path soaked in her own urine. These are sad people in my opinion. They are clearly there for the beer and not the race.

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