Okay I’m Freaked Out…

Toonce was waiting for me as usual on the roof of the RV though I had left the side door open for his feline comfort. It should be noted that Mr. Toonce had customized it with his claws as to slice a makeshift cat door in the screen material. “How was your day Tooncie? Hot, I know.” He meowed, “I’m hungry.” I walked in and immediately fed his highness and placed season five of Breaking Bad in the DVD player. 

At some point I said, “Well that’s it for me. I’m laying down.” I turned off the TV and closed my eyes. I started hearing an unusual fluttering sound , as if a bird was trapped in the RV. The noise would stop and start again. “Not another bat!” I said to Toonce. He meowed his concerns. I got up and looked for the guest. That’s when I turned around and saw this flying bug with massive antenna and wings on the ceiling, I let out a high pitch scream. Alright I don’t like bugs…

I regained my composure and said to the uninvited guest, “I haven’t a clue what you are but you need to go!” I grabbed the empty Fancy Feast box and carefully escorted the silver dollar sized bug into the box. Moments later he was on the outside looking in and I laid down… Toonce then wanted in and I said, “If you brought that thing in, please don’t. You know bugs freak me out.” Toonce smiled… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Okay I’m Freaked Out…

  1. You should have taken it’s photo, so we would have known what it was. But it’s hard to do that when you’re freaking out. Too bad Toonce can’t work the phone or he could have taken a picture of you AND the insect:) Scary stuff.


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