Look Before You Dig…

My last job of the evening was actually kind of fun, a tiny earthquake might have caused a leak in one of East Bay Municipal Utilities District’s 16 inch water supply lines. They called for us to come out and locate out facilities but they started jackhammering and digging before we could arrive. I guess they felt under the gun to fix their main supply line to Berkeley and they just went for it.
The skilled backhoe operator pulled his bucket thru the mud and rocks till he grabbed a stubborn clump of tree roots. The roots were actually one of our 1800 pair cables and three fiber trunks feeding cell sites on the top of the near by hills. The whole operation came to a stop until we could assess the damage. 

I showed up at 7pm to a concerned crew of EBMUD managers and workers looking into the hole. “Find anything interesting down there?” I said. They laughed out loud, “Yeah tree roots.” After a while it was determined that until they could finish their repairs, we couldn’t do anything to fix our stuff. Their repairs could take up to ten hours thus our day construction crew would takeover when the worksite was made safe… This too will pass

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