No One Remembers…

At exactly 7:28am one hundred years, thousands of British soldiers went over the top at First Battle of The Somme in France. The men were told, “After the heavy bombardment inflicted on The Hun, there’ll only be a need for a man with a rifle and one to count the dead.” Nineteen thousand British soldiers died that day and 39,000 were wounded by the few remaining Germans. The truth is, the prebombardment failed to do its job of silencing the German machine guns. 

It was 100 years ago today that the phrase, “Going over the top” was coined though the French had done their share of going over the top at Verdun. I believe the last soldier of the battle passed away a few years ago. They interviewed him and the one thing I remember him saying was, “If anyone tells you that he wasn’t afraid, he’s a liar.” This too will pass

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