Summertime and The Living Is Easy…

In 25 days I’ll be holding my little boy and giving him kisses. I’m taking his Aunt Tashi with me and we will spend as much time as we can with him and his mommy and daddy. We’ll board Delta Flight 2521 at 11:00pm and we’ll be at JFK at 7:45am though they always get earlier. Until then I’m clearing the land so that Rob someday will grow his grapes on this hillside.

Let it be known here I have no vested interest on this land nor do I claim any monetary rights to it, I just enjoy clearing the land. Maybe I was a pioneer in some past life. Imagine a time when there were no chainsaws, wood splitters or front-end loaders. The experts say that most of the settlers day’s work was cutting firewood for the winter, everyone worked or everyone froze. Just to clear this portion of the land, it has taken me weeks of heavy duty work each morning and I can’t believe they cleared the land with a bow saw and an axe. 

I call it quits at around 10am when the sun starts to beat down on the hillside. On workdays I set my morning’s goals low. As I’ve said before regarding cutting firewood there are steps: logs into rounds into split pieces; falling the tree, cutting into logs and finally clearing the brush. This too will pass, it always does…

5 thoughts on “Summertime and The Living Is Easy…

  1. Grapevines. Brings back memories. My great-grandmother had grapevines. My daddy loved them and he loved grapes. He decided he would try to grow some in his back yard. He struggled and struggled to get them to grow but they never yielded anything.
    When he died, my mama sprinkled some of his ashes along that grapevine. That summer, the vine was so full of grapes, they were hanging almost to the ground.

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