Complete and Total Madness…

The End of Times is near according my coworker Ed, “All the signs are there Juan! You just need to be able to see them.” I replied, “I know Ed. Obama has only 7 months to turn over the country to ISIS.” He went on to tell me how everything is falling into place. I don’t remember how many horsemen will show up but it’s written in The Bible somewhere, so it must be true.

The conversation then turned to a mortally obese man who had an eighty pound scrotum. Ed had seen it on the internet therefore it must have been also true. After a little research, it turns out the man had a massive non-malignant tumor down there but he weighed an outrageous 660 pounds, so the growth was the least of his worries.

To top off the above two things, Ed started up with how, “They’ll coming for our guns and if only the victims of the mass shooting in the Orlando had been packing, there wouldn’t have been so many dead but God hates gay people so this was revenge on those sinners.” I tried to reason with him but there is no rhyme nor reason, for Ed had heard it on one of his Christian radio stations, AM 1710 out of New Mexico… This too will pass

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