Day 2 of Rabies…

Okay so it’s not rabies, it’s the start of a bad head cold. I’m near the end, is that you mother? What do you mean toughen up buttercup? Mother always was tough, even beyond the grave. I’m so sick, I don’t even know what day it is… Yesterday, I barely made it home from work and after feeding my furry friend, I crashed out on the bed exhausted. Toonce meowed, “Stay away from me or hello.”

Have I mentioned I’m a baby when I’m sick? If I was a Jainist in India, they would place my corpus on a tower and let the vultures have a, well you might say, “Have a dinner on me.” Unfortunately the vulture population has died out in India due to pesticides and without vultures to clean up, dogs are eating things they shouldn’t. 

Thirty thousand Indians a year are infected with rabies and most die a horribly painful death.  I only recently found out that vultures are end points for pathogens thus there’s a real need for vultures. Imagine, 30,000 people are infected with rabies in India yearly and in the U.S it’s one every couple of years. If you happen to contract rabies here they put you in a medically induced coma and hope for the best. In India they tie you do to your bed with cut up bed sheets… How terrible! This too will pass

11 thoughts on “Day 2 of Rabies…

  1. I had a real rabies scare once with a monkey in South East Asia, it clawed my skin. I honestly didnt know that much about rabies at the time, it was only when I started reading up on possible diseases after having that monkey scratch me with his claws/nails, then I got more scared than ever… reading about rabies. I went to a good hospital immediately after reading that and started the shots against it… and yay, I am alive today! Didnt catch it, or the shots stopped it, dont know which. But boy, rabies really IS one of the most scary diseases.

    Sorry you have a cold, hang in there, be glad it is not something more serious. šŸ˜‰ Hope you feel better soon.

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