Day 3…

The vultures are circling above and Toonce is starting to avoid me, he senses I’m near the end. Okay, maybe I’m not that sick but I’m getting worse by the minute. I’ve been chugging down DayQuil like a fine wine and using sniffy spray for my nose. I’m actually thinking about calling in sick or taking an Oakland Paid Sick Leave Day, everyone who works in Oakland gets a few days, it’s like San Francisco’s leave policy but a little less lenient; your cat’s hairball problem isn’t covered.

I’ll probably go into work and get everyone sick around me but management would rather have a half dead body working rather than nobody in their trucks. I swear if you showed up with smallpox and a fever, they would have you working. Well after taking some more double shots of DayQuil and a bottle of cough medicine, I fell back to sleep. 

It’s 10am and I just opened an eye and found my phone in my hand with this half written post on it. I called my supervisor and told him of my woes and what did he say? “Well okay… Poor Ed will be the only one out there tonight. What did you say was wrong with you?” I replied, “John. If I show up, you better order a B625-L from the supply catalogue (that’s a large black body bag with handles)” He shut up… This too will pass

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