Protest Time on 880

As I waited for the clock to run out last night on another long workday, the air waves were filled with the shootings of eleven police officers in Dallas Texas. Ever so slowly did the clock ticked towards 8:35pm. At exactly 8:35, I started the truck and hopped onto The 880. “In less than 10 minutes you’ll be backing into the parking space and Rob will drive us north.” Up ahead the traffic came to a complete stop. 

I yelled out, “No way, there can’t be an accident!” Then as I looked around, as hundreds of people were walking up the on ramp to the right of me and I knew this was going to be a long night. I called Rob, “Ahh, go and lay down on the couch. There are a bunch protesters and zero CHP units corralling them. I might be stuck here for a while.”

The crowd started chatting, “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!” After thirty minutes of hearing the same chant, a sizable force of CHP officers showed up. I thought to myself, “Not good, soon the rocks and teargas will start flying and I’ll be a sitting duck in this truck!” Thankfully nothing happened, the crowd was slowly herding back down the ramp like a bunch of cats. I got back to the garage an hour later than usual, no worse for wear! This too will pass

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