Donald Trump takes pride in telling people that he knows how to win at business dealings. He’s also an expert when it comes to folding on not so successful businesses. He does what every other corporation does, he declares bankruptcy. Sure his investors and the people who work for him lose out but them’s the stakes you play in high finance.

Speaking of stakes, how did Trump’s casino go bankrupt? People walk into one of those places fully knowing that in all likelihood, they will walk away totally empty. The odds were stacked in the house’s favor and still somehow that business genius couldn’t make a profit? 

That brings me to this, have you heard those radio commercials for those used car dealers for people with bad credit? You know the one’s where the totally fake sounding buyer says, “I had a bankruptcy and I still got a car from…” They end up paying tons of interest on an older model car.  I wonder if Mr. Trump had to go to one of those places to buy his Boeing 757? The truth is, credit ratings and all that other credit worthiness stuff is for schmucks like us. I doubt he declaring bankruptcy hurt him one bit… This too will pass

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