Fire Roosters Get Sick…

Usually this rooster wakes up at the crack of dawn ready to start the day, today it’s 12:30pm and I haven’t move much. I guess whatever I disease got has taken ahold of me and infected every cell of my body. This morning Toonce wanted out and I barely made it to the door. He meowed, “Get up. I need to go out.”I replied, “Why are you abandoning me? You are my loyal cat.” It was then I remembered he hadn’t passed his CPR classes. (Cat pulmonary…) 

Yes it’s Saturday afternoon and I haven’t done much. I failed at my daily challenge on my Solitaire app,  I fed one hungry cat and dreamed my ticket to New York somehow got cancelled. Oh I did look at the CNN app which of course was full of informative news such as, J Lo is doing this and some other actor has left his wife again. You know, I think I rather dream of ostriches playing the violin because that seems more real… This too will pass

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