Tomorrow is Sunday’s Yesterday…

If it wasn’t for this stupid cold, I’d be just fine but I know this cold too will pass, as does everything. July 1st was the 100th anniversary of the first day of The Battle of Somme. On that first day alone, the lives of 19,000 British soldiers were snuffed out and 39,000 more men were maimed and torn apart in varying degrees.

 I doubt anyone knew that on July 1st, two massive armies would fight it out in no man’s land and it would continue on for many months. The only man I knew who fought in World War I died in the mid-seventies. I remember the day he waved goodbye as he left the retreat property. It was only later I found out he had died in a hospital in Marin. 

Joe Grothing had fought at Paschendale towards the end of The War to End All Wars. When I complained about the mud he would tell me that I hadn’t seen mud unless you had been in the trenches of Belgium and that’s all he said about his days on the front and as I was still a kid, I didn’t push it. 

Yesterday five Dallas policemen wer gunned down by a man set on revenge. In one hundred years no one will remember this July 7, 2016 nor will anyone remember why the highway or bridge was named after the five officers who died last night… I’m sorry but that’s the truth… This too will pass

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