My Obxious Cat…

Last night was one of the worse nights in my life, I was sick with this miserable flu and trying to keep Mr. Toonce happy. It started at two in the morning when he decided that he wanted a warm bed to lie on. His claws began to sound and I dragged myself out of bed to let him in. Instead of heading to the bed, he went his food bowls. “Okay you’re hungry.” I said. He meowed, “That’s why I’m standing here.”

When he had finished his early morning breakfast he jumped up on the bed and made muffins on my shoulder. I screamed out, “Stop it that hurts. Put your claws away!” He complied but then he began to serenade me with his loud purring. Suddenly he jumped up and bolted for the door. I thought his breakfast might not have settled well but no he just wanted out…

This happened repeatedly until I said, “I’m not doing this again. You are staying out.” He meowed, “Then I’ll shred the side door to bits.” I pleaded for mercy but he wanted what he wanted. What’s the moral to this story? There is none, well okay there is. Do whatever your cat wants even at the price of your health or sanity. This too will pass 

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