Drainage Dear Eli..

Yesterday afternoon while trying to regain some bodily strength after being sick, I watched Daniel Day Louis’s classic movie, There Will Be Blood. A story of two socio-psychopaths trying to destroy each other in their own way. They say the only way to beat a sociopath is to be a bigger one and I don’t know if this is a fact but I believe a cerebral sociopath always beats out a charismatic one.

If you remember the final scene of the movie, Daniel Day Louis’s character Daniel Plainview is laying on the floor in a drunken stupor and Eli, a real charmer, comes in to see Daniel about getting some more money from him. Remember that all along Eli was a total fake and while he’s preaching God’s Word, he was making bad investments and gambling…

Daniel has his own problems, he was alone drinking himself to death and his only son had had enough of his actions and had decided to move on. The final scene scene finds Daniel cornering Eli and showing him up for what he truly was; a fake and a spent shell of a human.

They say art imitates life or is it the other way around… Before you get involved in other people’s drama, look for the warning signs. Is their charisma genuine or is it one big lie… This too will pass


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