On The Streets of Berkeley…

My first job took me to the corner of Telegraph and Durant in the heart of what used to be hippyland. Today it still has few drugged out people from the past  and a new flock of young shady nomads is quickly backfilling. As I stood by our terminal box a bald Hispanic man jumped off the bus and opened a jar of nacho cheese sauce and bag of Cheeto’s. He began to devour the two items quickly.

He kept smashing the bag of puffs into the jar and then digging the puffs out with his mouth and tongue. I guess it was something he had learned while incarcerated because most people would dip one puff in the jar at a time to save more of the product. When he had finished with the contents of the bag he let it sail away in the wind. 

Using his method, cheese sauce had landed all over his face. He quickly wiped off his chin with his black leather jacket and continued down the street. How did I know he had spent time in prison? His entire head was covered with gangland tattooes. Even his eyelids were carrying ink. As he bounced his way down the street I noticed he had no belt nor underwear… God I truly hope Matt is okay down there in San Diego… This too will pass

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