No News is Good News?

Matt is missing and after being asked to leave his center for living, things don’t bode well for him. He has no money and in all likelihood no clothes nor ID. Part of his illness has him losing everything. His patient mom has repeatedly bought clothes for him over and over as well as taking him to get his photo ID repeatedly. I haven’t a clue how many disposable cell phones she had given him, they all land up missing. 

It pains me deep down in my heart to say that he’s the kind of guy you see crossing the street holding a filthy blanket screaming at an imaginary enemy. You sit quietly in the safety of you car and hope he doesn’t look your way. At twenty-nine he’s living on the streets and having delusions of persecution by an invisable foe. I’m ready to cry but I’ll save my tears when I get the call that for the best, he’s in custody or worse at the county coroners office awaiting identification.

He was such a loving child, when his brothers were gathering salamanders and lizards, he was secretly letting them go free. When it was Christmas and he got one more gift than his brothers he somehow shared it. Thinking about others was his best quality. Now he smashes holes in walls with his fists and is filled with unbridled rage. Nothing good can come of this. Please remind me that this too will pass

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