Dangerous Times…

The prem tech had made a ticket reading, “Needs ladder truck to run drop to energized pole.” The truth was it wasn’t energized, he didn’t want to climb the pole or so I thought. Being safe, I took out my trusty B189 voltage funny looking tester and pressed the button, the little red light didn’t blink. As I boomed up higher, I kept checking for high voltage, 220, 2400 or 12,000 volts, nothing.

At one point I decided to call him and scold him, “Dude, you made the ticket saying danger conditions?! What’s up with that?” He replied, “Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. Have you gone to the front door? They’ve been drinking since I got there at 10 this morning. I thought you guys wouldn’t get the ticket till the morning.” Knowing what I was getting into, I rang the bell. Of course the guy answers with a beer in his hand. “You here to fix my wire? You want a beer?” 

In the background I heard his drinking partner yell out, “He’s on the job. They can’t drink!” He replied, “Shut up. This is my house.” (It’s always their house) In my younger days I would have just quietly gone about my work but now I just don’t care. I said to him, “Listen. I’m not working here if it’s going to be a scream-fest. I don’t have to. The other guy was new and we’re all going to be civil or I’m out. I’ll do my thing and go.” He replied, “Oh yeah?” “Yeah. No one’s screaming at anyone.” I said. 

I ran the new wire to the pole in less than 20 minutes and walked back to the door to tell them to lock up the garage. This time the woman came to the door; at one time she must have been stunning but years of drinking had taken a toll on her. She said, “Hey thanks for sticking around. Sometimes he needs a kick in the pants to shut him up. He’s out for the night.” I replied, “Okay I’m finished. Be good to yourself.” This too will pass

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