Mercy and The Catholic Church…

The other day while I was driving by big church in Oakland, I saw a pretty good sized banner blowing in the wind, it read, “MERCY IS THE LINK BETWEEN GOD AND US!” Evidentially Pope Francis had said this and the public relations department at the Vatican decided that would get more people in the pews. I mean what a nice thing to say, mercy being a bond between God and humans. Wow, that’s better than I’m stuck on Band-Aids because Band-Aids are stuck on me or You deserve a break today at McDonalds!

I called Saint Didacus Catholic Church in San Diego in hopes that maybe they would receive a letter sent by me to the parish priest with Matt’s birth certificate enclosed. The nice perky sounding voice answered the phone, “Saint Didacus Catholic Church. Serving our community with compassionate love and caring. Press one for the front office.” I pressed the number one. The same nice sounding voice answered, “This is Cindy. How may I help you?” I went on to explain my situation and I literally begged her to accept a letter. She put me on hold after saying, “I’m going to have to ask Father So-in-So.”

I waited a couple minutes for her to ask the old compassionate padre, hoping compassion and caring would help him approve my request. Cindy came back on the line and directed me to Catholic Charities of San Diego. What was it she said, “He says, ‘We are just a church. We don’t do that here. We just send THEM to Catholic Charities downtown where the homeless hang out.” I have sat in quite a few pews over the years and I find that their leader’s words somehow don’t jive with their daily actions. I will now laugh louder when I see a bumper sticker reading What Would Jesus Do? This too will pass.

7 thoughts on “Mercy and The Catholic Church…

  1. I can relate with you so much! When Pope Francis came here in the Philippines last year, his message was Mercy and Compassion and he instructed the church leaders to go out of their comfort zone and reach out to the periphery. It is so sad that only too few of them embrace this.We are an active Catholic and I understand how our church need so much healing.Yes this too shall pass and while it is passing I am always reminded to be merciful and compassionate along the way. Have a great and Godly day 🙂

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