End of A Weird Day…

After a hot summer day filled with drama and a couple of stressful calls from Matt, I decided to treat myself. I went out and bought myself a 2014 Scion XB from my credit union auto dealer. I figured my little brown 2006 Scion XB had served me well. My tank had taken me 308,000 miles but I just didn’t want to push my luck on my 95 mile daily round trip journey anymore. My brown toaster is starting to rattle more and more lately and with its lowered engine compression, it’s forcing me to be in first gear going up all hills.  

As I was leaving the auto lot in my little brown toaster, a woman came flying out of a liquor store parking lot and nearly T-boned me. She never took her phone from her ear as she blew past me. I thought to myself, “How does someone drive around with no license plates and burnt out brake lights and not get caught?” I considered myself lucky that she didn’t hit me on my driver door. 

No one is going to say anything about me buying a car or let me put it another way, they better not. I’m in no mood lately for being told anything… I’ve given until there’s nothing to give and I really doubt those who I helped will be there in my time of need. Yes, it’s used and it’s maroon and yes I maybe a moron for buying it on credit but it was zero down and low payments. You know there’s a coming auto loan collapse coming as there was a home loan collapse in 2008 but it will all work out, one way or another. This too will pass. 

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