San Diego Here I Come…

I’m really starting to hate San Diego and it’s starting to cause pain just thinking I will be heading there once more. The first time I went there was to visit Matt at a psychiatric hospital. That visit brought me to tears. Then this last January I brought him there to prevent him from freezing to death in the elements 500 miles north in Wine Country. 

Saturday night, I’ll pick up the rental car and drive down the next morning after getting a bit of a head start that night. I was told by his mother not to let on that I drove down there, rather the story is, I rented a car at the San Diego Airport because he would want to be driven back north. She and I just can’t have that, without a doubt right away she will have him pounding on her door in the wee hours of the night. If you remember, her apartment management has a restraining order against him already with the usual warning to her.

If you think I want to lie to him, I don’t but there is no way he can stay one night at The Firewood Temple. The one night he stayed with me at the old house in Penngrove, the county sheriff was called by the neighbors because he flew into a rage and they thought I was going to be killed. Without meds, he’s dangerous but why would he need meds if there isn’t anything wrong with him. Right?

If I have time I’ll drop by Newport Beach and visit Josh:) Unfortunately he doesn’t want anything to do with his brother because Matt has so many times hurt his mom’s feelings and made her cry…  This too will pass

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