This Is How It Worked Out…

I haven’t written much about what had happened between March 20th and May 12th this past year until now. There’s no need to go into details and I won’t because the time was special and it wouldn’t be proper.. What I will write about is how it appears to have all worked out. She left on an early morning of May 12th and chances are I’ll never see her again. After all the caring I gave her, it ended up that she went right back to the man who had nearly destroyed her just five months earlier. You know, I wouldn’t even be this hurt if it had been her second time going back into his arms. I could understand the psychology of it but this was her fifteenth time or sixtieth time; I think even she has lost count.

It’s not even about the money I spent trying to get her to safety, it’s the fact that that man doesn’t know how lucky he is that a guy like me gave him another chance at being near her. In some ways, he owes me at least a thank you note but I wouldn’t open it, in fact I’d probably become violent and seek revenge on them if I got a thank you letter. Two years ago, I found her at that miserable motel where this “gentleman” had so easily dumped her, you would think that would’ve been her clue that he couldn’t careless as to her well being. Less than thirty days later, she went back to him. No words of thanks just silence, it was only 9 months later that she said, “I’m sorry how it all worked out.”

Once again hearing her calls for help, I got her to safety with promises that it would never happen again. Well, it did and here I am sitting in a Starbucks trying the write this without having a tear in my eye. The thing is, we had promised each other 19 years ago that we would be there for each other should times get tough. I now have to wait and see what happens when times get tough for me. Here’s another thing I want to say, I forgive her because isn’t that what it’s all about? Forgiving those who trespass against us? This too will pass

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