Fred Jr. And Fred’s Dad…

When I sat in Junior’s seat, I felt as if Fred’s Dad’s spirit was with me. Sure dad’s dashboard was much less intelligent but Papa Fred had stamina only a car like he could have. Pops so far has lasted well past 300,000 miles. Both Scion XB’s have almost equal engines, so you might say that Fred Jr. is a chip off the old block. 
I loved Fred Sr. and I told him I’d take better care of his son than I did him, his engine purred with happiness. I also promised no more bumper stickers and I would keep the young lad much cleaner than I did he. If I had taken better care of The Old Man, Papa Fred would have possibly have hit 500,000 miles.

I’ll keep Grandpa Fred until he just can’t do another mile. I’m almost 59 and a half and doing the math, Fred Junior might outlive me. The kid has a lot of pep and is wearing sporty custom wheels, Fred Senior was more of a plastic hub cap kind of guys but kept going even when he was running on fumes… This too will pass

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