He Was Bent On Terror…

I don’t know about you but a driver of a truck full of granades and automatic weapons would make me believe he woke up being up to no good. I love our media outlets feel they need to tell us that the guy who killed all those people in Nice France had premeditated his attack. Otherwise, I guess it’s normal to be driving a truck randomly on the streets and on the spur of the moment say, “Oh look a crowd of people over there! Let me kill them.”

I guess in France you can on a whim just start shooting your assault weapon into a crowd. As I was driving home last night, the promo for the ten o’clock television news came on the radio. “Live from the KPIX newsroom. We will once again show you the terror that happened in France today. We don’t like to have to show you the video but we will.” Does anyone really believe they don’t like showing you the blood and guts?

Isn’t it an unofficial newsroom’s motto, “If it bleeds, it leads?” They love it and if they could find kittens bleeding as a result of this terrorist attack, they would show it but wait that would be in their humanity wins out segment. “Coming up at 11, we’ll talk to the woman who lost her whole family in this horrific attack but was able to save her furry kitten as the gunman was about to fire point blank on it.” Tell me when you’ve had enough because I have… This too will pass

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