What I Might Find…

Once again if you think I like calling someone I care about a total and complete mess, well I hate it. My heart is aching for I know what I am about to find on Sunday. I had left my phone in the truck while I gathered my supplies for the upcoming workday. There it was, a missed 619 call and voice mail. I knew who it was and it went something like this, “Hey dad. I passed out last night, I mean fell asleep and someone stole my cap and shoes. Can you put 30 in my account so I can get a cap and some shoes? I really need your help.” First of all, I don’t know about you but shoes might be a little more important than a cap but that’s just me.

Since it was within a few minutes, I called the number back and I heard a guy say, “It’s your dad.” Matt answered and he went onto tell me a story about his shoes, living in bushes and having no blanket. Usually a father likes to impart sage advice to their sons like: buy low sell high, don’t buy a new car they lose value. I got to tell my son to find a thick black marker and look for handouts from passing cars on the main drag.

Quickly we spoke of meeting each other at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego at their transit mall at 1pm on Sunday. He had some convoluted meeting point but I said, “That doesn’t even make sense dear and how would I find that place?” I didn’t want to get him aggitated so I kept it brief and to the point. Him not on any meds and in an aggitated state could be dangerous…  Oh I forgot to mention to you; him telling me he had stolen a hunting knife from a sporting goods store to protect himself. No, my son is a total mess but what can I do but try to right a boat before it totally capsizes… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “What I Might Find…

  1. Wow. How many times are you going to rescue him? I’m not passing judgment. I have just been there. It’s hear-breaking and will destroy you if you aren’t careful. I did it for eighteen years. I have had to pick my son up after he was gutted by a drug dealer. I had to take the stitches out after they sewed him up because he couldn’t afford to go to a doctor. Every time he begged me for help….I was there. I finally had to stop.

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  2. Good luck going there. I hope he can hear you, if you try and talk to him, although be a bit careful since he is off meds and everything. He sounds like he could be a bit unpredictable in his reactions right now. I hope he is calm enough so that you can talk in a good way. Wow. He really should be in a facility somewhere where they can help him. It is so sad he doesnt realize this himself. Take care!


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