Herr Ober Gingrich…

The other day, Mr. “Quite Frankly” Newt Gingrich was once again bloveating on Fox News. When he was asked what we could do to separate the good from the bad Muslims living in our country he said, “We should test all Muslims.” The official test would consist of asking each Muslim, “Do you believe in Sharia Law?” If they say yes to believing in the Islamic Law, then they should be deported… That to me sounds so Germany 1930’s

What would be next? The Star and Crescent Moon graffitied on the windows of your corner 7/11 or Shell Station? Men in brown shirts screaming out, “Boycott this store! Owned buy Jews.” Wait, I got mixed up, “Arabs!” Aren’t all followers of the Prophet Mohammed Arabs? Who cares!? Let’s just paint all Muslim followers with a broad brush, it’s easier that way. 

Let’s teach our children what to look out for when it comes to  picking an Arab out in a crowd, you know his facial features and traits. Herr Gingrich has a great idea! Anyone of “them” not passing The Official American Sharia Test, T.O.A.S.T, should be deported immediately and while we’re at it, let’s purge our libraries of the Arabic Taint by burning “their” books. Do you remember what 19th Century poet Heinrich Heine said? “Where they burn books, there they will eventually burn people.” This too better pass soon

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