Things Come and Go…

I received word from Matt’s mom saying the sober living home where Matt had stayed had thrown out all his clothes due to a supposed bed bug infestation. Thank goodness we bought him some clothes this afternoon; a belt and underwear to follow. Over and over I kept telling Matt to guard his few possessions. I hope he got the seriousness in my voice, unfortunately I doubt he did. 

The next stop on our day was a sporting goods store where we found him a sleeping bag should he not be able to fit in at a homeless shelter. As we stood in the checkout line, he promised to do the best he could do to turn his life around. Shortly there after, we checked into the motel when he quickly said, “I’m going to go and get some fresh air.” I’m laying here on this bed and I’m thinking I don’t like the sound of that… 

When he returned, I gave him the news about his clothes and stuff, it didn’t phase him in the least. He said, “Stuff comes and goes.” I replied, “It does dear but even a monk has a begging bowl.” This too will pass

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