For A Sweat Jacket…?

Last night’s events actually put a chill in me. I was tired after a day of setting things up so that he could survive another day. Matt flew into a rage and I knew it could have gone from bad to worse. At 10:30am he complained he was tired and he slept for six hours, that made up for him being wide awake the night before. At 7pm, I told him, “I’m going to get you a transit pass. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Groggily he replied, “Ok dad.”

True to my word I went and came  back with a transit pass. Matt then said, “We need to get my sweatshirt from the place I was living at.” I reminded him that they had thrown his stuff out due to the bed bug infestation and chances were high the item was gone. That sent him into a rage which for a moment had my brain thinking fight or flight. He accused me of not wanting to him and other ridiculous things.

My ego got the best of me, I said, “Are you saying I haven’t been helping you?” Then I stopped and said to myself, “Let it go, you’re sharing a room with someone who’s walking around with crumpled Pokiman cards in his pocket and yet carries no ID.” I took the high road and went to get his beloved sweatshirt after calling the facility and verifying it was still there. 

I could have escalated the situation but I didn’t, I stepped back. Oh by the way, his knuckle on his left hand, the one with the inch scab on it, it’s healing quite well. How did he get the wound you ask? In a burst of anger and rage, he had smashed his fist multiple times thru a wall at the facility where he was staying. I reminded myself, he could have smashed my face with the same force, had he wanted to… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “For A Sweat Jacket…?

  1. I understand the horror of seeing your child become somebody you never thought you would see…..the violent streaks….what seems to be ungratefulness….what seems to be selfishness….all those things that take hold of your child. I’m just so sorry.

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