Mr. Robot Mecca…

We succeeded in doing our morning mission of finding a homeless shelter for Matt. I have a bad feeling about this but it might be better than him living next to a creek in Mission Valley. Once we had done that operation, we drove around the downtown area. 

I yelled out, “Look it’s Mr. Robot’s Store. I had died and gone to heaven, well heaven if Christian Slater was my God and Mr. Robot was my heaven. I made a quick U-turn and parked. Matt didn’t have a clue as to Mr. Robot and I didn’t have the energy to explain the plot to him. The store front is for ComicCon being held this weekend.

Okay of three my favorite TV shows, I think Mr. Robot is best. Why can’t the writers have Mr. Robot’s clandestine organization FSociety hack into The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company’s computer system? Now I’d pay to see that… This too will pass

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