One People, One Country, One Leader!

I heard Rudy Guilliani’s RNC speech last night on the radio. I swear Rudy sounded a lot like Reichfurher Joseph Gobbels. It was as if Gobbels, I mean Guilliani, was shouting out his praise for the man with the funny moustashe  but the thing that bothered me was when he spoke of One America. One America huh? How about adding One People and One Leader? Now for sure that sounded a bit too similar to Nurnberg Germany 1933.

Donald Trump has taken the playbook from A.H and is running with his repeated accusations of, “She’s a crook!” Who was it that said, “Keep telling them the same lie and the people will believe it.” That’s right the man with the funny moustashe. Oh that’s right, Donald didn’t keep that author’s best seller by his nightstand, only his less popular book of speeches. 

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Furher was the rally cry in the 1930’s. It was soon thereafter when the scapegoats were singled and deported. Mark my words, if this narcissistic charismatic sociopath gets in office, things will look like how they did in May of 1945. No one shouted out One People, One Country, One Leader at the end of World War II, no the smart ones shouted out, “Not me, I didn’t vote for him.” This too will pass

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