The Freeway From Hell…

When it was all said and done, what had I done for Matt? He’ll be on the banks of a creek tomorrow shortly after checkout time at the motel… Trust me, I’ll hear it from his mom for not dropping him at the homeless shelter but after seeing that place, I wouldn’t take an unwanted dog there. It’s sad that where Mr.Toonce is way cleaner than where I was going to put my son and that’s what hurts me.

I could have put him up at a cheap motel but in days he’d be calling me saying, “I don’t know why but they told me to vacate my room.” It’s happened before and it would happen again. His mother thinks he doesn’t care about being thrown out, the truth is, he’s ill and can’t control his behavior. I could have put him in a motel where the ceiling is hanging on by its teeth and there’s hair in the tub but he deserves better. I wouldn’t even do that to a cat. It’s all about respected the individual and doing the minimal won’t cut it with me.

These last three days have been tough and I’m spiritually, emotionally and physically running on empty. I decided to drop the car off at LAX and fly back because quite frankly, I’m tired. Nothing positive will result from this endeavor, I know I’ll get the call saying, “I can’t get ahold of mom. I got robbed and they took everything.” Worse, a dreaded call from The San Diego Sheriff’s Office, “We think we have found your son. Please contact the coroner’s office.” You might think I’m being too dramatic, I’m not. I’m just preparing myself. This too will pass


5 thoughts on “The Freeway From Hell…

    • Yes…. He is a man who will in all likelihood even lose a few belongings we got these last few days. The kind of guy you see walking down the street talking to himself and acting weird… I only have about 15 more payments on his student loan…


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