This Is Your Brain on Drugs…

Yes, it’s not all drugs. It’s alcohol and mental illness, bad life choices, bad luck, too much debt, not enough money, uncaring relatives and/or a combination of it all. I was going to off him off at the Neil Good Day Center and wish him luck but after seeing the lost souls hanging around the place, I just couldn’t do it. Hundreds of dirty wiped out people existing. What the heck is wrong with America? I drove Matt back to a cheap hotel and put him up for a night and said goodbye, I just couldn’t do it.  This too will pass

4 thoughts on “This Is Your Brain on Drugs…

  1. Oh Jesus.
    The resource system in your area is really overburdened, isn’t it? You shouldn’t have to bear this burden alone…Have you tried getting in touch with a social worker or calling a shelter/transitional and seeing what resources are out there for your son? Sometimes the shelter might not be able to help, but they can point you in the direction of other resources. The Salvation Army generally has relevant information as well. Your county should have free mental health services as well.

    Have you already been in touch with these places? How cooperative is your son?
    It’s a hassle to call these places, but you might find a better long term solution than paying for hotels nightly..

    There’s probably dual diagnosis transitional living services in your area, but they can be hard to get sometimes if the person in question hasn’t been involved with the legal system-that was my problem when I was homeless. I had all the qualifications except a record.

    (You don’t have to respond if you don’t want to, and please excuse me if I’m being overbearing and intrusive.)


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