Cat Resort Charges…

img_4337-2The minute I pay his resort bill, the receptionist will pick up the intercom and say, “Tooncie is ready to go!” I’ll need to scrutinize the bill carefully before I pay because I know him. He’ll order room service and those little things add up. The last time he feasted on high end cat yums and when I questioned it, all I got was, “I don’t know Sir. Mr. Toonce meowed for it.”

I did authorize Toonce getting his annual rabies shot and flea meds but I refuse to pay for his hot stone massage he loves so much, I don’t even get those. A couple times before, he watched multiple pay per view videos, fluttering birdies and fish gone wild. It took some doing but I had that taken off the bill.

In three short hours he’ll be back here at The Firewood Temple meowing his head off. I haven’t told him but in 9 days, he’ll be jetting back to the resort for even a longer stay while I’m in New Jersey visiting my little family. When I tell him it was an all expense paid vacation, he takes it to heart. I’m not unreasonable, treats yes but Kobe beef pâté? I need to put my foot down and draw the line. This too will pass

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