One America… No Thanks…

After that speech by Rudy Guilliani  at the Republican National Convention, I thought about Liza Minnelli’s Cabaret. I’m sorry for my ignorance but I haven’t a clue who the two actors in this scene are but one of them says, “Do you think you can stop them now?” Sure, it started off harmless and who didn’t want a stronger country? The children were taught to be proud and to be strong and I mean who could argue with those principles? What a great song title, The Future Belongs To Me (Der morgige Tag ist Mein) well it did unless you weren’t one of them then you had serious problems.

 Remember way back when, they got rid of free thinkers, writers and people who were deemed enemies to The Fatherland. They tried to make the world belong to them and that cost the lives of 50,00,000 people… America is still great and don’t let them fool you into believing it isn’t… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “One America… No Thanks…

  1. This was a great memory, connecting it with the present and the Republican nominee. It may not pass too quickly, I am afraid, Juan. I hope that there are enough reasonable people who decide the better of two ‘evils’ is Hillary Clinton or we lose face around the world! Hugs, Robin I have been working ten hour days. . . worn out and not wanting to sit in the library while not “fresh!” 🙂


  2. We do have a critical decision to make as a nation as we look at the to candidates for President, and as we look at the down ballot options for Senate and House of Representatives. We can have another 4 years of divisiveness where nothing gets done because of a radical and uncooperative legislature. Or we can elect a woman who has experience working with others along with legislators eager to work for this country in constructive ways.

    We do have a choice, and I hope we go to the polls to sound our voice.

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