Substitute Your Loved One’s Name…

I find it sadly amusing how people so easily want me to give up on Matt. They say, “You’ve done everything you can. Now you have to let him go.” My response is, “Okay but first let’s substitute your child’s name in place of Matt’s. Let’s see what you would do?” It’s so easy for them to have me turn my back on him but if their once cute child was schizophrenic. I really doubt they would cut them off. 

I’d really rather hear a comment of, “I don’t know what to do and I wish I did.” Let me add, this doesn’t apply to those who have struggled with their own loved ones. They know how hard it is to see someone they’ve raised from a baby be messed up and to add insult to injury,  I’ll finally be finished paying off his student loans in about 15 months. 

Tonight Matt’s mom read me the riot act because I didn’t dump him off at that disgusting shelter. She said I had failed to get him to safety and, well she went on and on about how I should have insisted on taking him there. I told her, “Do you know what for him was the most important thing we did these past three days?” She had no answer… I said, “Buying him a baseball cap. That’s it. Everything else was just a side dish.” She shut up… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Substitute Your Loved One’s Name…

  1. My heart aches for you and your son, Juan. I wish I had suggestions about things that could help. All I can do is send you and your family my best wishes. You are all doing what you can to deal with a tragic illness in an increasingly uncaring nation. ❤

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  2. How could anyone say to a parent to give up on a child…that is ridiculous. A parent would not give up on a child with cancer so why would someone assume that a parent would give up on a child with mental illness which is no less a disease than cancer is. Ignore those that tell you otherwise Juan, Matt is your son so do whatever you can to make a difference in his life. From what you share it seems that you are doing just that. You are a good man and a good father. I hope for the best for your son.

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  3. My sons’ “daddy” called me once and said “that’s it…WE’RE done with him.”
    It was easy for him to say….I was the one who was bailing him out of jail…buying clothes for him….buying his food….giving him a place to stay….the ONLY one who went to visit him when he was in jail…the ONLY one who would go look for him, pick him up covered in his own vomit and take care of him.
    I really don’t know the background on your son and it really doesn’t matter….I do know the pain and anguish you are feeling.
    Yep…it’s real easy to say “forget about him.”

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  4. She can go by Matt and do whatever she likes. You did what you thought was right out of love. I’m with you 100%. There are worse places than being on the street and if you thought that was one of them…you saved him from some very bad things.

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