A Real Law and Order Man…

It was the third night of the Republican National Convention when Governor Chris Christie whipped up his crowd into a frenzy with accusations against Hillary Clinton. What was it he shouted out, “On the count of… Is she guilty or not guilty?” The rabinous crowd would scream out, “Guilty!” I swear I thought I was in Salem Massachusetts in the early 1600’s at a fair and impartial witch trial.

Nothing says justice like a trial where you can’t defend yourself. If they had had Hillary in a cage on stage that night, she would have been sentenced to death. How would they have carried out the sentence? This is so ironic, by Republican Wedding. (Google it) They might as well have dragged Bill Clinton down with her. 

The truth is, Chris Christie is loathed by his people back in New Jersey and he knew he wouldn’t get re-elected, so what does this upstanding man do, he hitches up his wagon to this disaster of a mule team. He’s hoping a little ass kissing will get him the keys to the  Office of Attorney General. Oh Please, just go away and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. This too will pass

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